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Big Bang featuring Jags diss to Meek Mill

Remember a lil ol song called Polo. Well one of the guys that wasnt too famous yet on our remix (who killed it by the way) recently was on the front of every hip hop site out there. And went hard at the boy Meek Milly. Seeing that our FLASHBACK TRACK OF THE WEEK is Polo Remix featuring Jag – it only feels right to show him some love like he showed us...


Weekly Battle Serious Jones vs Charlie Clips

This battle was so far the best one I seen at Summer Madness even though there was a choke, and flop. It really had its highlights. Check it out and let me know whatchu think. Skip past the long intro that dude is annoying.

[youtuber youtube=’’]

round 1

Charlie Clips goes in with the barber jokes and I absolutely love how he took him through the hous...


Murda Mook vs Iron Solomon Rap Battle

Murda Mook vs Iron Solomon –

[youtuber youtube=’’]


Round 1

Mook went off the first round and dissed Smack (the dude with the beard)

Iron Solomon
“He wouldn’t lose to pigs fly well guess what Swine Flu”

round 2

Yo resume to my resume is like an atom bomb against pepper spray

U battalion me u but u ran from lux, u basicall...