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Obama vs Romney Final Debate Review Round 3

Round 3 is here The 3rd and final debate     Obama Notes Obama really owned the shit outta Romney in this one. He exposed him for his lies, he made him stick to his policies, and called him out whenever he tried to say anything that wasnt true about

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Obama vs Romney Round 2! Debate!

  Round 2! DEBATE!   This time Obama came prepared for battle. Heres my take and my opinions. By the way Im now doing the street fighter vs motivated by the guy who did the Bus Driver vs Shidea ones. I kinda rushed it so its not my best work.

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Presidential Debate by Tone Da Boss

  So during our studio session tonight we stopped to watch the very important and intriguing debate tonight. Now mind you I have never been that into politics even though I understand the importance of voting, what the democratic and republican parties stand for and what we need as a

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