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Channel 9 news KCRG and Tailgators Show Review

April 2nd was a great day for Big Bang, for those of you who missed either or both events, on TV at 8 a.m., performing live at 8 p.m.

Big Bang was invited to their hometown’s local morning news, Channel 9, after creating a big enough buzz worth the coverage...


Titi Boi Mixtape Release Party

Last night Big Bang made an appearance at the Tity Boi aka 2 chainz from Ludacris’ DTP label mixtape release party. He’s also one half of Players Circle from the single “Duffle Bag Boy” featuring Lil Wayne. And all though the night was about Tity Bois mixtape which sounded great this was also a great networking event...


Meeting Russell Simmons

For those who are non Hip Hop heads, or people who arent familiar with some of the people behind the scenese. Russell Simmons is know as the godfather of hip hop for a reason. He is the founder of Def Jam, Introducing Hip Hop moguls to the world such as Run DMC (with his brother Rev-Run), Public Enemy (Flava Flav), Jay-Z, Ludacris, and tons more...