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2013 Big Bang Goals

2013 Goals and things in the works

More features, more videos, remixes and  More local shows.

More Features:

Right now we’re sitting on 2 or 3 unreleased records with mainstream artist. But as we always plan ahead we’re looking for the right opportunity to release those records.

More Videos

We’ve already invested in a full quality SLR HD Digital Camera...


2012 Recap

Even when you’re not reading our names or we’re not posting we are always working hard. Actually when we’re not posting thats usually when we are working the hardest.

BangGang Album Release hosted by Dj White Owl

The BangGang album release was a success...


What Happens In Vegas

October 31st 2012 Big Bang went to Vegas. Heres a slideshow for those who rather watch a video then read like myself also an unmixed song I just came up with bout an hour ago. Just fuckin around

DAY 1 Halloween Night

Wednesday October 31st we depart from Des Moines to Vegas. It was actually a great flight. Vs my previous experience with Chuck on the way to New Orleans...