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Iron Man 3 Review


Kinda hard to rate this movie and not include spoilers but I will do my best. First I will say Iron Man 1 is probably one of my top 5 favorite movies. Iron Man 2 was alright, I watch it now and then and definitely could be better. Iron Man 3 answers every bodies complaints about the first two and then adds its own complaints for comic fans.

Lets first start with the acting...


Iron Man 3 Trailer

Finnally the next movie following up after the very successful Avengers film comes. Iron Man 3. This is a brief teaser but hey atleast they gave us something. I heard at Comic Con they got a sneak preview of the enemy and more. Is it the man that makes the suit or the suit that makes the man. Spoilers below

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==========SPOILER A...


Movie Review Looper

So I went into this movie expectations of alot of action with Bruce Willis. Excited to see the guy who played Robin in The Dark Knight Rises get his shine in his own movie. Although he reminds me alot like dude from Wanted. I had to explain it to my girlfriend who’s not a movie person and sci-fi confuses the hell out of her but I think I did a good job by saying...