Hip Not! Pokemon Go

Pokemon GoWhat is all the fad about Pokemon Go?!?
Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s Pokemon originating from Japan became a household name in the states because of their flashy characters and of course the Pokemon playing cards. If you were the person with the Charizard hologram card then you where the guy/girl...

The Big Bang Foundation

They say every 10 years or so it’s good to switch careers. Welp give or take its been 10 years for Big Bang. While music will always be apart of us and hold a place in our hearts but it is time for Big Bang to do more. This city has done so much for us, it brought us together, it raised us, it gave us friendships, and families...


Big Bang Returns to Tailgators

13124867_10102485771401588_3714717053488214521_nBig Bang has not only made their first performance of 2016 but also first return to Tailgators in 5 years and it was a blast! Everyone was out with over 200 people attending it was a good time. Special Guest Young Ezzy did his thing! It was impressive and shows so much progression on where he is today, so look forward to more collaborations in the future. Here are some pics of the night!